Run your pandas workflows on the Blockchain with Ponder

Devin Petersohn, Doris Lee, Aditya Parameswaran

Apr 1, 2022 3 min read

Run your pandas workflows on the Blockchain with Ponder image

Ponder, the company behind Enterprise-Ready Pandas on Everything and the open source Python projects Modin and Lux, is pleased to announce their newest product line: Pandas on the Blockchain. With Pandas on the Blockchain, you can run your pandas workflows on the Blockchain.

Ponder was founded on the ideals of empowering data scientists and leveraging their existing expertise to run their workflows on available resources. The Blockchain is becoming more and more accessible and ubiquitous. By combining our expertise in dataframes and the latest innovations in blockchain accessibility, we have developed a series of products around running pandas workflows on distributed, decentralized blockchains.

“Data Science is now decentralized”

Pandas on the Blockchain provides practitioners with easy, effortless parallelization of pandas queries to access the wider decentralization of compute resources through the Blockchain. As the world turns to NFTs as proof of ownership, Pandas on the Blockchain allows you to mint your very own pandas workflow NFTs, enabling you to give others the right to use your workflows for a fee. Your data organization can even make decisions on the blockchain with Ponder’s Data Science Decentralized Autonomous Organization (Data Science DAO). Data science decisions can now be made from the bottom-up.

How does it work?

Pandas on the Blockchain works by integrating the open source Modin’s Dataframe Algebra with a proprietary blockchain orchestrator, which deploys transpiled pandas queries to query engines that sit on top of your blockchain of choice. With Pandas on the Blockchain, you can run pandas on Ethereum, Tron, Stellar, and many other blockchain implementations.

pandas blockchain

How do I use it?

Pandas on the Blockchain is currently in closed beta as of April 1st, 2022, and the waitlist is currently full. Please visit our website to join the Ponder mailing list and see updates for our other tools and products!

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