Jul 14, 2022

Pandas vs. SQL – Part 2: Pandas Is More Concise

This is the second in a series of blog posts that contrast Pandas dataframes with databases (or equivalently, SQL). We compare Pandas vs. SQL on the first of three axes: conciseness. We discuss 10 operations that are much more straightforward in Pandas than in SQL, spanning data cleaning, machine le...


Jul 1, 2022

Scalable Pandas Meetup No. 2: Pandas vs. SQL!

Post-event Update (7/14): Watch the recording of the meetup here! ————————————————————————————- We’re really looking forward to our second Scalable Pandas Meetup, co-hosted with our friends at co:rise. This meetup is the second ...


Jun 28, 2022

Pandas vs. SQL – Part 1: The Food Court and the Michelin-Style Restaurant

This is the first in a series of blog posts that contrast Pandas dataframes with databases (or equivalently, SQL). Both dataframes and databases are, in fact, old ideas, dating back multiple decades. Databases opt for scalability, robustness, and efficiency, while Pandas opts for versatility, flexib...


Jun 16, 2022

Our First Scalable Pandas Meetup!

Post-event Update (7/1): Watch the recording of the meetup here! ————————————————————————————- Join us for our first Scalable Pandas...


Jun 8, 2022

Modin 0.15 Release

We’re thrilled to release Modin 0.15! Modin 0.15 contains major updates, including: an upgrade to pandas 1.4.2 (the latest version) new logging capabilities capturing internal Modin API calls, partition metadata, and system memory utilization to help with debugging Modin workflows an experimen...


May 1, 2022

Modin Talk at Budapest ML 2022

Budapest ML Forum is an international conference on data science, ML, and AI technology trends, application, and practices. Our Solution Architect, Alejandro Herrera, will be presenting a talk on how you can use Modin to run your pandas code at scale. See event details here....


Apr 26, 2022

Modin at Bay Area Python Interest Group

Want to learn more about how you can scale up your pandas workflow with Modin? Come by our CTO, Devin Petersohn’s talk on April 28th 7pm PT to learn more! See event details here....


Apr 24, 2022

Ponder Talk at DataEDGE 2022

The DataEDGE conference at UC Berkeley brings together senior industry and academic leaders for a conversation about the challenges and opportunities created by the rise of big data. Our CEO, Doris Lee will be speaking about the work that we’re doing at Ponder on Modin and Lux at DataEDGE. Joi...


Apr 8, 2022

The Economic Times: UC-Berkeley born data science startup Ponder

Ponder‘s Open Source project Modin and Lux are centered around a data science tool called Pandas, which help data scientists process datasets. With the inability of utilizing Pandas on large sets, data science teams have had to spend months on rewriting workloads. By Bharani Vaitheesvaran (The...

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