Our First Scalable Pandas Meetup!

Jun 16, 2022 2 min read

Our First Scalable Pandas Meetup! image

Post-event Update (7/1): Watch the recording of the meetup here!


Join us for our first Scalable Pandas meetup! Here are some details about our meetup next Thursday:

  • What: We first will introduce the goals and objectives of the Scalable Pandas meetup series. Then, Doris Lee (CEO at Ponder) will discuss common struggles that data teams encounter when operating on large datasets.
  • When: Thursday, June 23rd, 10:00 – 10:45 AM PT.
  • Where: Online (Zoom).

This meetup will be the first among a series of conversations centered around how you can leverage pandas at scale. The Scalable Pandas meetup is a forum dedicated to developers, data scientists, and data engineers to share their stories, practical advice, examples, and best practices around scaling pandas workflows.

What is the focus of these meetups?

  • To learn about the technical challenges and existing solutions for making pandas performant with large dataframes and complex workloads.
  • To discuss and envision next-generation solutions to those problems so that more enterprise-quality, production-level work can be done with the pandas API.

Who is the intended audience of these meetups?

We welcome all pandas users, enthusiasts, gurus, masters, who are ready to take their pandas skills to the next level with a community of like-minded peers. Our content will be geared towards intermediate and advanced pandas users, especially those who find themselves:

  • Using pandas with data larger than 500 MB
  • Crafting their own custom workflows to parallelize pandas
  • Leaving the pandas ecosystem to do things that pandas should be able to do
  • Agreeing to duel (joust, etc.) ruffians who besmirch the honor of pandas!

We’re excited to see you on Thursday!

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