Dec 7, 2022

Snorkel AI Delivers Supercharged Data Labeling with Ponder

Over the past year Snorkel AI and Ponder have been working together to bring lightning-fast data labeling to Snorkel Flow users. In this post, we'll walk you through a few of the highlights from our collaboration....


Aug 30, 2022

The Intel Distribution of Modin

In a recently released article, Intel describes the benefits of Modin generally, and the Intel Distribution of Modin specifically. We share some excerpts....


Apr 8, 2022

The Economic Times: UC-Berkeley born data science startup Ponder

Ponder‘s Open Source project Modin and Lux are centered around a data science tool called Pandas, which help data scientists process datasets. With the inability of utilizing Pandas on large sets, data science teams have had to spend months on rewriting workloads. By Bharani Vaitheesvaran (The...


Mar 17, 2022

Forbes: Your Data Science Workflows Are About To Get A Lot More Scalable

Check out this Forbes interview with our CEO Doris Lee to learn about how their research at UC Berkeley led to the exciting new direction at Ponder!...


Mar 9, 2022

VentureBeat: Ponder addresses Pandas scalability challenges with new tools

Read this VentureBeat article about how Ponder addresses the Pandas scalability problems and news about our $7M seed fundraise!...


Oct 27, 2021

Anaconda: Scale your pandas workflows with Modin

Modin was featured on Anaconda’s Blog! Here is a highlighted excerpt from the article: What does Modin have to offer you as the end user? It tries to adhere to the idea of “tools should work for the data scientist, not vice versa”. Hence it offers a very simple, drop-in replacement for pan...

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