Run your Python data workflows at scale, directly in Snowflake

Run your Python data workflows at scale, directly in Snowflake

Ponder helps you seamlessly run your Python data science workflows (Pandas, NumPy) anywhere, bridging the divide between your code and infrastructure.

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Bring your own data warehouse.
Let Ponder take care of the rest for you.

With Ponder, you get a fully pandas-native experience that is familiar and fast to prototype, plus the scalability and security benefits that comes with working in a data warehouse.

Improved development experience

Tired of crafting long, nightmarish SQL queries? Pandas is more concise, flexible, and convenient than SQL in many cases. With Ponder, you no longer have to pick between Python v.s. SQL. Speed up your development by picking the tool that best suit your use case.

Work with data at any scale

Unleash your pandas workflows on production-scale data. No need to operate on samples or wrangle with out-of-memory issues. Run pandas on 1TB+ of data at interactive latencies. Seamlessly move from prototype to production.

Security backed by your warehouse

Concerned about security risks when processing data outside of the warehouse? Keep your data where it belongs. Analyze sensitive data and securely operate on your data using pandas and inherit the security guarantees of your warehouse.


Avoid vendor lock-in by writing your code with pandas, the most popular API for data science, and run on whatever infrastructure you need to get the job done. Write pandas once and deploy everywhere.

Run the world’s most popular data science library, pandas, as-is on the world’s most popular data infrastructure, data warehouses.

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How it works?

Ponder lets you run your pandas workflows directly on your warehouse.
Write your workflow in Python once, run in SQL. Zero infrastructure setup required.


Build your Python data workflows in your own IDE.

Let the magic happen

Ponder automatically translate your queries into SQL.


Ponder-generated SQL runs on your database directly.

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Install Ponder

$ pip install ponder


Start running your Python data workflows in your warehouse!

Don’t have a data warehouse? No worries! Run Ponder on your machine (backed by DuckDB) and experience pandas optimized for performance and scale. No database setup required!


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