Oct 6, 2022

Modin 0.16: Our “Sweet Sixteen” Release!

Modin version 0.16 is now available! Improvements include an upgrade to pandas 1.5, support for the latest version of Dask, and more!...


Sep 15, 2022

Scalable Pandas Meetup No. 5: GPU Dataframe Library RAPIDS cuDF

Post-event Update (9/23): Watch the recording of the meetup here! ————————————————————————————- We’re really looking forward to our fifth Scalable Pandas Meetup! Pandas runs on CPUs, but with RAPIDS cuDF, you can get GPU speedups and st...


Sep 14, 2022

From Prototype to Production with Modin: Six Highlights from a Data Exchange Interview

Ponder Cofounder and Modin creator Devin Petersohn speaks with Ben Lorica on The Data Exchange podcast about the origins of Modin, and Ponder's vision for productionizing pandas....


Sep 9, 2022

10X Faster Hugging Face with Modin

In this post, we show that Modin can speed up machine learning workflows by 10X or more, on tasks such as performing sentiment analysis with the Hugging Face Transformers library....


Aug 30, 2022

The Intel Distribution of Modin

In a recently released article, Intel describes the benefits of Modin generally, and the Intel Distribution of Modin specifically. We share some excerpts....


Aug 24, 2022

Professional Pandas: The Pandas Assign Method and Chaining

This is the first in a series of blog posts that teach how to write professional-quality pandas code. In this post, we discuss the pandas assign function, and how it can be used together with chaining to create clean, readable code....


Aug 18, 2022

Pandas vs. SQL – Part 4: Pandas Is More Convenient

This is the fourth in a series of blog posts that contrast Pandas dataframes with databases (or equivalently, SQL). In this post, we demonstrate how the Pandas dataframe data model provides additional convience that makes it a great fit for data science and machine learning....


Aug 18, 2022

Scalable Pandas Meetup No. 4: Building Dataframes with Hamilton

Post-event Update (8/25): Watch the recording of the meetup here! ————————————————————————————- We’re really looking forward to our fourth Scalable Pandas Meetup! What: Stefan Krawczyk (former model lifecycle manager at Stitch Fix ...


Aug 12, 2022

Why I Joined Ponder: Hazem Elmeleegy

Hazem Elmeleegy describes his background in computer science, and why he joined Ponder....

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