Modin reaches 2.5M downloads!

Feb 15, 2022 < 1 min read

Modin reaches 2.5M downloads! image

Modin reached over 2.5M downloads on PyPI!

2.5M downloads would be an incredible feat for any open-source project, not to mention for a project that started as a small academic project only a few years ago! It has been an incredible journey seeing how Modin continues to help so many data scientists and practitioners scale up their pandas workflow!

Thank you to all of our community members for helping us get to this milestone! This would not be possible without all the feedback and input from users in the Modin community. A special thanks to all our open-source contributors who have helped shape and improve Modin day by day!

Check out our CTO Devin’s post on what this milestone means to the project!

Whether you’re already using Modin or you’re new to the project, please join us on Slack or on Twitter to connect with the community!

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