Ponder @ Stanford MLSys Seminar

Feb 17, 2022 < 1 min read

Ponder @ Stanford MLSys Seminar image

Our CEO and co-Founder, Doris Lee, recently spoke at Stanford’s MLSys Seminar. See the recording below!


Visualizations help data scientists discover trends, patterns, identify outliers, and derive insights from their data. However, existing visualization libraries in Python require users to write a substantial amount of code for plotting even a single visualization, often hindering the flow of data exploration. In this talk, you will learn about Lux, a lightweight visualization tool on top of pandas dataframes. Lux is used by data scientists across a variety of industries and sectors and has nearly 66k total downloads and over 3.3k stars on GitHub. For more information, see: https://github.com/lux-org/lux


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