Effective Pandas E-Book Giveaway! Try Ponder Today

Peter Olson

Jun 22, 2023 2 min read

Effective Pandas E-Book Giveaway! Try Ponder Today image

Ponder Advisor Matt Harrison has written THE book on data manipulation in pandas, and now through June 30th (midnight PT), he’s giving a free digital copy ($39 retail) to anyone who shares a screenshot of their pandas code running on Ponder.

How to get your free digital copy of Effective Pandas

Just go to https://app.ponder.io/signup and do two things:

  1. Create a Ponder account
  2. On Twitter or LinkedIn, share a screenshot of your pandas code running on Ponder. Make sure to tag Matt Harrison and Ponder! On Twitter, that’s @__mharrison__ and @ponderdata, and on LinkedIn, that’s @panela and @ponderdata.

Then Matt will message you and send you the digital copy. We’re excited to see your awesome pandas code run on Ponder. Feel free to get creative!

Here are a few examples from Ponder users Khoa Pham Nguyen Thanh, Javier Benítez, and Juan Sebastian Villota Fonseca:

About Ponder

Ponder speeds up your pandas code and lets you run it on big data by executing it directly in data warehouses like Snowflake, BigQuery, and open-source DuckDB. Learn more here.

Here’s what some users had to say of Ponder:

  • “I got early access to try Ponder and it was magical. You just import ponder, connect it to DuckDB, and run pandas. And it just works!” – MotherDuck CEO Jordan Tigani
  • “Yesterday I used Ponder for the first time and it felt amazing. I worked with some example files after I read a post from Matt Harrison, and I couldn’t get why I didn’t try it sooner.” – Matías Baudino

About Effective Pandas

Effective Pandas has a 4.7-star rating on Amazon. Here’s what some of the reviewers had to say:

  • “I have been using Pandas for 3-4 years and this book drastically improved my coding style and efficiency with the Pandas library.” – Chris Darley
  • “Effective Pandas is chock full with no-fluff, get-it-done explanations and advice to help you learn pandas or to level up your existing knowledge and skills.” – KM

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