Compilation of Hot Takes on Enterprise Pandas

Doris Lee

Apr 11, 2023 2 min read

Compilation of Hot Takes on Enterprise Pandas image

Over the past few weeks, we shared a series of “hot takes” on enterprise pandas and how Ponder helps address some of these challenges. The post below is a compilation of our 12-day series on this topic.

What is Ponder?

Ponder lets you run pandas directly in your data warehouse. Data teams can interact with their data through their familiar pandas-native experience, while enjoying the scalability and security benefits that comes with modern cloud data warehouses. You can learn more about Ponder in our recent blogpost and sign up here to try out Ponder today.

Day 1: Avoid vendor lock-in by using the most popular data science library, pandas.

Run pandas everywhere on wherever your data lives with Ponder!

Day 2: If SQL isn’t meant to be, try pandas instead.

Ponder helps you run your pandas code directly on your warehouse!

Day 3: Pulling large database tables into memory can lead to expensive I/O and out-of-memory errors. 

Operate on your data with pandas directly in your warehouse with Ponder!

Day 4: Pulling data out of your warehouse leads to security risks.

With Ponder, your data never has to leave the warehouse. Securely process your data with Ponder directly in your database!

Day 5: Having a “pandas-like” API isn’t enough.

Instead, opt for something that preserves the look and feel of pandas!

Day 6: The language you choose determines how fast you move.

pandas let you easily make incremental changes to your query and get immediate feedback supporting rapid experimentation on your data.

Day 7: Hitting a ceiling with what you can do with SQL?

pandas’s flexibility is unbeatable when it comes to building and customizing your workflows.

Day 8: No more switching between SQL and visualizing data.

Ponder lets you seamlessly manipulate AND visualize the data in your warehouse, all from your notebook or preferred IDE.

Day 9: Make your workflows accessible to your entire team by using pandas.

Ponder lets you seamlessly move between prototype and production, empowering collaboration across your entire team.

Day 10: Save yourself from the headache of infrastructure management.

With Ponder, all you need is to connect to your warehouse. No infra setup require!

Day 11: Python is the best place for machine learning.

Ponder lets you seamlessly integrate with popular ML libraries. Preprocessing, feature engineering + ML all in one place!

Day 12: Simply prefer working with pandas?

With Ponder, you can do more with the tool that you know and love.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up here to take your data science workflows to the next level!

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