Modin hits 5 million downloads!

Peter Olson

Jan 5, 2023 2 min read

Modin hits 5 million downloads! image

In February 2022, we announced that users of Modin — the scalable drop-in replacement for Pandas — had downloaded the tool 2.5 million times through PyPI.

Less than a year later, we’re excited to share that Modin users have doubled that number to 5 million cumulative PyPI downloads!

Modin now has ~8200 Github stars, and Modin’s 100+ contributors have made ~2200 commits to the main branch:

Modin commits over time

In late November 2022, when AWS announced that it was integrating Modin into the AWS SDK for Pandas and AWS Glue, Devin Petersohn (Ponder CTO and Modin creator) credited Modin’s success to Modin’s community, and added:

Fundamentally we at Ponder are still focused on solving a really hard problem: to empower data scientists to be able to do more with what they already know. Focusing on the problem (rather than any specific outcome) is what has allowed Modin to have such a huge impact on the data science community already.

Thank you to all Modin users. We can’t wait to watch as Modin grows better and better and we hit that 10-million-download mark with you! 2023 is going to be a great year.

And if you’re a Modin user and want to share your story about how Modin has helped you, please drop us a note at!

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